----------SOLD--------- Ambrosius Lamm Dresden Opera Cabinet Dinner Plates, Set of 12


----------SOLD--------- Ambrosius Lamm Dresden Opera Cabinet Dinner Plates, Set of 12

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Amazing and rare set of 12 Dresden Ambrosius Lamm hand painted  "Opera plates". The theme of this appropriately named set is that of Richard Wagner’s operas.

This set features some of the finest hand painted porcelain ever made, replete with exquisite detail, luminous color and lush imagery. All plates are fully hand painted as a 360 degree panorama. All pieces are carefully hand labeled on back with the name of the opera pictured.

The set showcases phenomenally executed paintings of some of the most indelible characters in western musical drama, including Siegfried and Bruenhilde, Tristan and Isolde, Gottfried and the Flying Dutchman. Equally beautiful are the full color and varied landscapes that accompany each painted scene. Each piece is elaborately adorned with 24 karat gold, including copious raised detailing and a repeated motif of swans and lyres.

Great condition, one plate has minor chip under the rim not visible on its face. Few missing gilt dots on raised gold, some spots with slight darkening of gilt. 
Each piece is marked on the back with the hand painted lamb and "Dresden Germany"

Circa 1930

Size: 10.25" each

More pictures are available by request.

*Ambrosius Lamm began decorating porcelain in 1887 in Dresden Germany. He is renowned as one of the most important porcelain painters of his time. His work was among the most sought after and to this day it can be found in many world class porcelain collections. Extremely discerning, he only worked with the highest quality porcelain blanks from well-respected makers, such as Meissen, Rosenthal, KPM and Hutschenreuther. Lamm’s exceptionally detailed figures, lustre glazes and impasto work (raised gilt paste decorations) are painted in the style of Vienna, Meissen and Copenhagen.