Captain America Motorcycle Easy Rider


Captain America Motorcycle Easy Rider

Product# GT-021


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An exclusive, important offering of the Captain America motorcycle from the classic American movie "Easy Rider", starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson.  

Designed by Clifford Vaughs and built by Ben Hardy in 1968, Captain America became an icon of anti-establishment sentiment. This is the only surviving motorcycle out of the four that were made specifically for the film, two Captain Americas for Fonda and two Billy Bikes for Hopper. Captain America was wrecked in the shooting of the crash scene finale and later rebuilt. The bike is in running condition.   

 After the movie was completed, the four bikes made for the movie were stored in Tex Hall's, the stunt driver, garage. The three undamaged bikes, along with several other motorcycles were stolen at gun point and chopped up for parts by outlaw bikers.  Tex Hall later gave the damaged bike from the crash scene to actor Dan Haggarty.  The bike was restored in 1994 and was put on a touring circuit for a short time and then sold in 1996 at a Dan Kruse Classic Automobile Auction in New Braunfels, TX to a Texas gentleman. It has been in his possession for 20+ years.    

Captain America is available for viewing at Raritet Antique Gallery show room in Austin, Texas.     

All certificates, letters of authenticity and receipts will be provided. 

Measurements: 58" tall at back of bike, 106" approximate from tailpipe to outer front tire, 32" across handlebars.