Antique Paul Storr Silver Tureens, Pair


Antique Paul Storr Silver Tureens, Pair

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This rare set of matching tureens from Paul Storr display the exemplary craftsmanship that brought him international acclaim. The round form is lobed and perches on four scrolled feet. These scrolls become flourishes as they go up, as they reach the body of the tureen they form stylized leaves. Incredibly detailed handles, in the form of twisted woody vines, are attached to the body with an embellishment of wonderfully textured leaves. The scalloped rim is ornamented with simplified scrolled leaves, accented by four flowers and four scallop shells. Remarkably lifelike artichokes serve as the handles for the tureen lids. Each has a large and small budding artichoke on the stem handle surrounded by delicately textured leaves. The lids bear herald engravings of a flared wing swan atop a coronet. Both of the tureen bodies display an ornate coat of arms, including a shield with boar heads and ermine, an armored helmet at the helm, and decorative leaf work surround. All engraving is crisp and clear. Each tureen marked on the bottom, the cover and on the artichoke finial. Excellent  condition.

Paul Storr is deemed to be one of the greatest silversmiths of all time. He completed his apprenticeship in the late 18th century. His work ranged in style from the formal structure of Neoclassical to the more ornate and organic Rococo revival. By the early 1800's Storr was selling to London's wealthiest patrons and later to the royal family through the exclusive Royal Goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. His pieces were renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detail. He continued to produce work through 1838, becoming known as one of the finest of the Georgian silversmiths. Storr's work is highly desirable today and is held in many important museums and private collections.

England, 1826

Size:  h. 11", w. 13.75"  over handles

Weight:  each is 3590 grams, 115.43 oz t