Antique Paul Storr Silver Centerpiece Egyptian ca 1820


Antique Paul Storr Silver Centerpiece Egyptian ca 1820

Product# S-002


A truly rare and magnificent sterling silver King George IV period centerpiece displaying Egyptian influence. Four incredibly detailed sphinxes with classic Egyptian headdresses sit with their wings thrust up, each stoically facing outward. Their tails curl and split, meeting in the center to form a lush finial.

A detachable woven basket rests over the wings of the sphinxes. The body of the basket is comprised of entwined reeded wire that flares out and over a twisted rope band. Its base features three more bands of twisted rope and a ring of acanthus leaves.

The quatrefoil base perches on four lion paws accented by scrollwork. Highly decorated, the base is encircled by an acanthus leaf motif and rope design, embellished with grapevine and artichoke finials and punctuated by quatrefoil flowers.

As is standard for Paul Storr, all pieces are removable and marked separately. All engraving is crisp and clear. Excellent condition.

Paul Storr is deemed to be one of the greatest silversmiths of all time. He completed his apprenticeship in the late 18th century. His work ranged in style from the formal structure of Neoclassical to the more ornate and organic Rococo revival. By the early 1800's Storr was selling to London's wealthiest patrons and later to the royal family through the exclusive Royal Goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. His pieces were renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detail. He continued to produce work through 1838, becoming known as one of the finest of the Georgian silversmiths. Storr's work is highly desirable today and is held in many important museums and private collections.

England, 1820

Size: h. 15", base is 12" square

Weight: 7930 grams, 254.98 troy oz

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