----------SOLD---------- Antique Paul Storr Silver Centerpiece with Crystal Bowl


----------SOLD---------- Antique Paul Storr Silver Centerpiece with Crystal Bowl

Product# S-003


This impeccable sterling silver and crystal centerpiece is a visual feast. It was made in the "Modern French" style that foresaw the Rococo Revival Movement in England. The round pedestal base is supported by three scrolled and scalloped feet. Atop the base are a pair of rams and a pair of bulls, all extremely detailed in natural poses. The features are highly detailed and naturalistic, and display the work of a master silversmith.

The base is further adorned with acanthus leaves and additional scallops along the bottom, and decorative details along the top. The front of the pedestal features a large heraldic achievement portraying a split shield, armored helmet helm, ample foliate flourishes, and a motto banner that states "Suum Cuique", or "To each what he deserves".

The central shaft of the piece is formed of layered acanthus leaves with peeks of a hollow center. Three acanthus branch arms extend outward and then split, forming double branches that sprout blooms of sterling bobeche and sockets.

There are a total of six candle holders. The central shaft extends up between the arms and supports a decorated basket comprised of wonderfully textured leaves and flowers, including lush peonies. A glorious faceted crystal bowl fits snugly into the sterling basket. This museum quality piece is a true work of art. All detachable sterling pieces are marked clearly. Excellent condition.

Paul Storr is deemed to be one of the greatest silversmiths of all time. He completed his apprenticeship in the late 18th century. His work ranged in style from the formal structure of Neoclassical to the more ornate and organic Rococo revival. By the early 1800's Storr was selling to London's wealthiest patrons and later to the royal family through the exclusive Royal Goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. His pieces were renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detail. He continued to produce work through 1838, becoming known as one of the finest of the Georgian silversmiths. Storr's work is highly desirable today and is held in many important museums and private collections.

England, ca 1837

Size: h. 28" with crystal bowl (25" without), 23" diameter at arms, 12" diameter at base

Weight: 9140 grams, 293.86 troy oz

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