Mixed Media Photo Collage, Vera Simons, American


Mixed Media Photo Collage, Vera Simons, American

Product# RA-194


This esoteric piece "Labyrinth" with its repeating images and Swedish text, appears to be lit from within. Simons built up a strong, cross-like composition using collaged color images, toner ink on photocopy paper, hand painted imagery and layers of dappled paint washes. The papers feature text and images referencing hand-made symmetrical pebble mazes on the Swedish island of Gotland on the Baltic Sea. There are more than 300 known mazes on the island and they were used for fertility rites and to mark good fishing spots stretching as far back as Neolithic times. We see the labyrinth represented 20 times throughout the piece, along with images of the pebbles used to create them. Using a palette of fiery yellow and orange, contrasted with icy blues and inky black, V. Simons has imbued this piece with beauty and richness.

Vera Simons, American,  20th C.

Size: h. 5', w. 4'