Mixed Media Collage "Miami" by Vera Simons, American


Mixed Media Collage "Miami" by Vera Simons, American

Product# RA-193


A dynamic collage with the Art Deco architecture of Miami as its focus. This piece features a strong composition with reaching vertical construction and cutting diagonal lines, much like the iconic buildings it depicts. There are a variety of materials utilized: 1/4" foamboard with wood pieces, texturized paper, toner ink on photocopy paper and paint. V. Simons used images of well-loved Miami landmarks and interspersed them with scenes of the beach, flamingos and rippled paper with applied sand. Contrasting with typical representations of Miami, the predominant color scheme is a strong black and white, tempered with the beige sand and then made to pop with the application of electric pink paint. The central image is a building with raised 3D details made from wood and foamboard.

Vera Simons, American, last quarter of 20th C.

Size: h. 60", w. 48"