---------SOLD---------- Dresden Ambrosius Lamm 12 Dinner Plates Set Birds Ornithological


---------SOLD---------- Dresden Ambrosius Lamm 12 Dinner Plates Set Birds Ornithological

Product# GT-020


A set of 12 ebullient dinner plates from the famous porcelain studios of Ambrosius Lamm. These hand painted, heavily gilded plates showcase colorful birds and a profusion of flowers set amongst elaborate gilt paste scroll work and raised beading. The well of each plate is graced by luscious fuchsia petaled flowers with a lively bird about to take flight. Six plates have a blue bird with yellow breast, six have a purple bird with yellow breast, each with sensitive multicolored details. The transition between lip and well is a wide gold band with a simple smaller accent band just inside. On the lip of each plate is a riot of garlands and gold, featuring flowers in fuchsia, purple, blue, dusty red and yellow. More birds adorn the four points on the lip, accompanied by raised and hand painted gilt work. The rims are further trimmed in gold. Each plate is marked on back with the blue lamb over Dresden Germany. Gold rose covers plate maker mark.

Germany, ca 1915

Size: 11" diameter

*Ambrosius Lamm began decorating porcelain in 1887 in Dresden Germany. He is renowned as one of the most important porcelain painters of his time. His work was among the most sought after and to this day it can be found in many world class porcelain collections. Extremely discerning, he only worked with the highest quality porcelain blanks from well-respected makers, such as Meissen, Rosenthal, KPM and Hutschenreuther. Lamm’s exceptionally detailed figures, lustre glazes and impasto work (raised gilt paste decorations) are painted in the style of Vienna, Meissen and Copenhagen.